Discover the Top 7 Chess Coaching Classes in Delhi and Master the Moves

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Gone are the days when there were only a few chess coaching classes in Delhi. In the last decade, the chess scene in Delhi has undergone a remarkable transformation. Today, Delhi accommodates many offline and online chess academies. It reflects the ever-increasing popularity of chess.

These chess training academies in Delhi have evolved into thriving centers for chess aficionados.  They provide the perfect platform for chess players to learn and chisel their chess skills. Moreover, with the advent of online chess academies in Delhi, students get access to a variety of high-quality chess resources. These resources will deepen my knowledge and hone my chess skills.

However, before paying the fees, you should make sure that you selected the best chess coaching class in Delhi. This blog will assist you in finding the perfect chess academy that suits your requirements. Without further ado, let’s glance over the top 7 chess coaching classes in Delhi.

#1. Eight Times Eight

 Are you browsing for the best chess coaching classes in Delhi? Then you’ve reached the destination. Eight Times is the answer. It is the first choice among chess aficionados when it comes to chess training due to its dedication to quality and excellence. Their track record of gifting excellent players stands as testimony to their reputation.

The academy’s curriculum focuses on the development of fundamental skills and strategic thinking. Every student at Eight Times Eight Chess Academy receives personalized attention and support. With small batches of 4 to 6 students and one-to-one online chess coaching, they make sure that every student is given due attention.

The academy has forayed into online chess classes to make chess accessible. Online chess classes are fun and interactive. As a result, students learn the subject easily. Moreover, owing to the interactive approach, they get specialized coaching. Eventually, it sharpens their skills and helps them to master the moves. Furthermore, their online classes are a gateway to the unique  Global Chess Network of  Eight Times Eight.

Further, the curriculum is based on structured activities, curated by grandmasters intend to support the child’s overall development and critical thinking. Besides, the programs are tailor-made to meet the requirement of different levels of learning. Accordingly, they provide customized classes for kids, beginners, intermediates, and masters.

 Similarly, their  King and Queen Programs are structured to provide professional advice on endgame strategies and opening tactics. Moreover, they conduct monthly Grandprix Tournaments to gauge the competency level of learners. Thus, Eight Times Eight is the best chess academy in Delhi to uncover chess potential.



 Phone: + 91 9605510101            

+91 961510101

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#2. Eminent Chess Academy

Experience spanning more than a decade, the Eminent Chess Academy has given significant contributions to the field of chess. As the name suggests, the academy boasts of its eminent educators who mold future chess masters.  Further, they conduct seminars and lectures on chess, time management, stress reduction, career management, etc. Accordingly, the academy focuses on the holistic development of children that goes beyond chess.



Phone: +91 95991 12371

#3. Kaabil kids

Kaabli Kids is a well-known chess coaching academy that provides systematic and comprehensive chess coaching classes in Delhi. They provide chess training to all levels of chess players with the help of a committed team of experienced FIDE rated coaches. Their services include online chess classes for beginners, kids, and advanced players. If you are still searching for a chess coaching class in Delhi for your child, Kaabli Kids is a good choice.



Phone: +91 8047485399

#4. Sachin Malik Chess Coaching

Sachin Malik Chess Coaching is one of the renowned chess coaching classes in Delhi. Their track record of mentoring many students has played a pivotal role in making Delhi a hub of chess enthusiasts.

Their comprehensive curriculum and integration of online chess coaching classes have helped students to master the game. They offer classes for different levels such as beginner intermediate, advanced, and expert. Moreover, they have classes to master the London System. If you are in search of a chess coaching class in Delhi, keep in mind their name.



Phone: +91 84479 10506

#5. Royal Chess Academy

 A community that spans more than 40 centers across the world attests to the quality of chess coaching at Royal Chess Academy.  They offer a range of services including online group chess classes and online personalized chess classes. Further, there are five levels of classes starting from 3.5 years old. In addition, they conduct an annual event known as the Royal Cup to showcase the skills of chess enthusiasts. Hence, if you want to enroll in a chess class, it is one of Delhi’s best online chess academies.



Phone: +91 83838 41561

#6. Delhi Chess Classes

Delhi chess classes is another renowned chess coaching academy in Delhi. They offer chess classes at several places throughout Delhi and the NCR. They help to learn the nuances of chess under the guidance of internationally rated players. As a result the maximum number of Delhi State Champions in 2019 from Delhi Chess Classes.



Phone: +91  9811163587

#7. Genius Chess Academy

Genius Chess Academy is another premiere coaching class in Delhi that focuses on building a community of chess players. Their top-notch chess training with a comprehensive curriculum ensures quality instruction. Further, their offline and online chess training by  FIDE rated instructors has become a popular option among chess aspirants.



Phone: +91 9811475368, + 91 9650787677



Now that we’ve made a short walk across the chess coaching classes in Delhi,  Join the best right away and step into the world of chess. You can select either offline or online according to your convenience. Having said that, online chess classes have become the most flexible option among players. The fun and interactive elements included in online chess classes make learning more enjoyable. In a nutshell, learning chess will be an exciting journey of development and learning.