Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why should my child learn chess?

We treat and teach chess not just as a game but as an important life skill. With our chess classes, the child automatically gets better at problem-solving, concentration, patience, and intelligence. Chess also helps in improving the cognitive and academic skills of a child. Thus we aim to advance the life skills of children through chess education

When will I receive information about my session/classes?

As soon as you have registered for our chess classes with complete details and upon successful payment, we will provide the details through WhatsApp or email as per your choice.

What to do if I am not able to attend a scheduled session?

We understand that sometimes students might end up missing classes due to poor internet connection or some other emergencies. In that case if you can inform us in advance, we will record the session and will share it with you.

What are the privacy steps for online classes?

We take utmost care to ensure privacy during our online live chess classes. Only verified students can join the sessions. This makes our sessions completely safe and secure.

How do I teach my child to play Chess?

If you want your kids to learn and improve their skills in Chess, then you can enroll them in our online chess education. Eight Times Eight is one of the best platforms for your child to learn Chess with its step-by-step approach, a Grandmaster-designed curriculum, and International FIDE-rated trainers.

What is a good age to start learning chess ?

There is no set age to learn Chess. But the sooner you begin, the better. We generally have students from age 5+.

What if my child has no prior knowledge of chess?

We at Eight Times Eight have a structured syllabus curated by Grand Masters that is personalized as per your requirement. If your child has no prior knowledge of chess, we will start from the basics and go forward in a step by step manner.

What are the advantages of learning chess online?

Majority of modern-day chess training happens online, and there are a lot of benefits of having online sessions like 1)Convenience and comfort of learning from your home 2)Flexibility in timing 3)Distance not an issue 4)Advanced tools and annotations that can be shown on a digital board, which is not possible on a physical board. 5) Online sessions and tournaments are also a tool for your child to socialize with students from different parts of the world and to gain great exposure.

Do you provide any other value added services?

Along with the regular chess lessons, we also conduct tournaments and provide mentorship. We also have monthly empowerment sessions with Industry experts from different parts of the world.

Do you offer trial classes?

Yes, we do offer free trial classes. The objective is two-fold.

1. For you to get an idea of how our classes will be.
2. For us to get an idea of how much understanding your child has about the game so that we can prepare the plan of action accordingly.

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