Our History

Today, Eight Times Eight provides online chess classes for students from 20+ countries, and the numbers are growing with every passing day. We welcome you to our 64 squares of a beautiful world.

This is the tale of six millennials who discovered the wonder-world of Chess during their formative years of life. Hailing from different parts of Kerala, a land of Chess fanatics, they first met during an Under 7 category tournament. The onboard rivals later turned off-board friends, and the spirit of the game bonded them together forever. They kept meeting at every tournament, and their conversations were always about Chess. Eventually they realized that this 64 square of spirit could transform a person into a personality, a coward into a brave heart and a careless person into focused one. It can equip anyone to face the challenging world ahead. So they started exploring the possibility of online chess coaching.

Time changed everything in fifteen years, except for their friendship. Their journey kept on extending from local tournaments to national levels and then to international events. They won together, lost together, learned together, and most importantly grew together in the field of Chess. They traveled extensively playing tournaments, making memories, and having fun. Achievements and recognition from around the globe came in search of them very often. They used to dream of setting up a center that provides the best online chess coaching in India.

Though they have chosen different streams for higher studies, they remained bonded by the power of Chess. As they taste academic success, which they believe only because of the skills achieved through the game, they wanted to share it with the world as well. They wanted to shout out to the world that Chess can give incredible development to a person for his/her overall life, including better IQ, memory, confidence, focus, planning, and decision making. They decided to give their share to the world. The share that is capable of charging minds to perfection. They formed Eight Times Eight, with a vision to multiply people’s confidence many times. Apart from providing the best online chess coaching for beginners, the academy is the one-stop destination for advanced chess training for professionals and masters.