Top 5 chess coaching classes in Kerala to boost your chess skills.

chess coaching classes in Kerala

Do you know which is the first country to make chess a mandatory subject in school? It is Armenia,  and the reason is Chess’s ability to develop critical thinking and failure tolerance. Yes, chess, the supreme test of wits, has plenty of attributes that improve cognitive abilities such as logical thinking, memory, concentration, and problem-solving, to name a few. Among them, concentration is the billion-dollar ability that we lack in today’s age of social media scrolling. Learning chess, will reclaim focus and deepen your concentration. Taking baby steps in chess under the right guidance is pivotal. Moreover,  a passionate chess player needs professional training to make tactical moves to get ahead of her rival.

Fortunately, Kerala offers top-notch chess coaching classes that will help you to learn and hone your chess skills. As a cerebral game, chess needs specialized training that goes beyond youtube videos and books so that the player can play with clinical acuity. Hence, selecting the right academy and the right coach is important. Lets us leaf through the top five chess coaching classes in Kerala to boost your chess skills. These institutes have customized courses that cater to the need and levels of each player. Both online and offline classes are available. So, your search to learn chess landed you on the right page. Read on to select the best chess training program for you or your children. Choosing the right place is the first step in the journey of a champion.

chess academy in kerala

Eight Times Eight

Eight Times Eight academy in Thrissur is a premier institute that provides online chess learning under the guidance of veterans like grandmasters and international masters. Moreover, the course structure can be customized depending on the level of the learner. They provide interactive online chess learning sessions for groups and individuals. Small batches of four to six students ensure personalized attention as well. Further, the syllabus is designed by the 41st grandmaster of India, Mr.S, L Narayanan. Another enticing factor of the academy is the flexible schedule which allows learners to sit for the classes according to their convenience. Additionally, trial tournaments, affordable plans, worldwide students, and scholarships make the academy a pragmatic choice to learn chess. Thus Eight Times Eight Academy is a platform where chess enthusiasts across India will get an enriching learning experience.


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Website: Eight Times Eight

Kottayam Chess Academy.

As the vision of the academy rightly puts it, Kottayam Chess Academy is a top-notch institute that aims to metamorphose budding players into champions. For that, they focus on engaging school children with various activities. The academy provides chess coaching classes under the direction of grandmasters. The course structure is tailor-made to meet the level and requirements of the learner. Further, it conducts online chess classes for all three levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced. The academy conducts leagues, friendly matches, tournaments, and championship matches.  Indeed, Kottayam Chess Academy is the best option for chess coaching in Kerala to ignite and nurture your passion to learn chess.



Chesseasy Academy.

Cheeseasy in Kottayam with more than a decade of experience boasts of contributing champions including to the commonwealth and other international tournaments. The academy provides one of the finest online chess classes for children in Kerala. The programs are structured focusing on different levels such as beginner and intermediate, and advanced. Moreover, the syllabus is curated in a way that enables easier facilitation for the students. Further, the academy conducts chess tournaments regularly and also arranges platforms to play the game with national and international players. Most importantly, professional trainers of the academy impart all the sophisticated skills effortlessly. Thus Chesseasy Academy offers one of the best chess training programs.


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Website: Chesseasy

MBM Chess Academy.

MBM academy in Kochi, a stalwart in chess coaching in Kerala, collaborates with schools in and around Ernakulam to provide high-quality chess training. The director of the academy Mr.MB Muralidharan is a former National Premier Player. The academy focuses on creating champions with unwavering sportsmanship. They also promote deserving and less privileged students in achieving the greatest level of competition and appreciation. Apart from regular classes, they have forayed into online coaching recently. Individual and group online classes are available. In addition to Malayalam,  online training is facilitated in English, Tamil, and Hindi too. Indeed, MBM will be a good choice for chess coaching classes to chisel your chess skills.


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Capablanca Chess School

“Chess is everything: art, science, and sport”. These words of  Anatoly Karpov are Capablanca’s guiding light. Capablanca believes in nurturing talent from the grass root level. Situated in Trivandrum, it is one of the best chess coaching classes in Kerala. In addition to offline instruction, the academy provides online chess coaching classes through the chess@home online platform. Students have the flexibility of availing of individual sessions and home tuitions. Moreover, virtual tournaments are conducted regularly to assess the competency level of the learner. Another highlight is the presence of a dedicated chess library and a chess club to learn chess comprehensively. Capablanca is undoubtedly a popular name in the field of chess coaching in Kerala.


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“The blunders are all there on the board, waiting to be made”( Savielly Tartakower). Yes, an amateur is prone to make blunders while moving the pieces on the chess board. You can avoid this by enrolling in any of the top five chess coaching classes in Kerala. Thus you will be taught and analyzed based on your strengths and weaknesses. It will equip you to make the big move without any fear. The above-discussed top five coaching classes in Kerala will be the right destination to boost your chess skills. Their classes are tailor-made to suit the level and age of each player. Further, competency levels are assessed and sharpened through regular in-house competitions, quizzes, and online tournaments. So let us choose wisely to move our pawns, queens, and knights tactically.