Top Five Chess Academies in Banglore: Learn and hone your chess skills

chess academies in Banglore

Benefits of playing chess.

Playing chess has a lot to contribute to your child’s growth. It supports the development of her cognitive skills, including critical thinking, decision-making, and problem-solving.  Moreover, chess can sharpen their focus and attention span. Consequently, it will benefit your child academically. In addition, chess also improves the ability to tolerate failure. Thus she will eventually develop the perseverance and discipline needed to overcome setbacks and accomplish any life goals.

Further, the advent of technology has significantly changed our way of learning. Due to the convenience of learning, online chess training has grown in popularity. There are now many online resources accessible to learn chess. However, learning cannot be fully accomplished without the assistance of an expert teacher. A teacher will always provide specific comments and point out our errors. As a result, it’s crucial to enroll in an academy to acquire chess.

Reasons behind the rising popularity of online chess classes in

Access: Online chess lessons give people the opportunity to learn from renowned teachers from any location in the world, giving them more access to top-notch instruction that might otherwise not be possible.

 Flexibility: For a more individualized educational experience, online chess lessons can be tailored to suit each student’s needs and level of expertise. Students can review the lessons and materials as often as required to fully understand the concepts.

Convenience: By eliminating the need for travel, online chess classes make it easier to learn chess with a busy schedule. Additionally, courses are frequently available at any time, making them the ideal choice for those with unpredictable schedules.

Online Chess Academies in Banglore.

There are myriad options available for learning chess online in Bangalore. Moreover, chess academies offer competitive packages. However, when it comes to investing in your child’s matter, it’s important to choose the best. So here are the top five online chess academies in Bangalore that provide the best chess training programs

1. Eight times Eight

Chess Classes Online

Looking for online chess coaching in Banglore for your kid? Don’t look anywhere else but Eight times Eight! The academy boasts a team of chess experts with over fifteen years of expertise. They facilitate the best coaching through their expert teachers.    

Further, their offline and online chess training cater to every child’s unique needs and preferences. Accordingly, lessons are available for all skill levels, from beginners to expert players.

What makes them the popular choice of students is their interactive online chess classes with grandmaster-designed modules.  Additionally, they also provide platforms to compete against expert players from all over the globe.  

Further, the small group structure of 4-6 students gives personalized attention and guidance from teachers. The academy is also part of a world chess network, giving your kid access to a diverse and global learning environment.

King and Queen, two of Eight Times Eight’s classes, are meticulously designed to deliver an excellent chess learning experience. It includes a variety of chess topics, from fundamental principles to advanced strategies. These programs provide your child with the ideal environment for chess learning and cognitive development.


·   Interactive online classes

·   Grandprix tournaments every month

·   Weekly practice matches

·   Sessions with specialists from various countries

·   Lifelong mentoring

·   Access to premium materials


Phone: +91 9605510101


2. Banglore Chess Academy.

The renowned Bangalore Chess Academy, established in 2005, has contributed significantly to nurturing young minds. It is the brainchild of Vedant Goswami, a FIDE Master and FIDE educator. And, he is also the course director and chief educator of the academy. The academy has a combined expertise of over 15 years. As a result, more than 3000 students have received excellent chess instruction from the school. Numerous branches have been created all over Bangalore as a result of its unmatched success and reputation. Thus, it is one of the top choices for online chess coaching in Bangalore.


·   Classroom training for all levels of chess learners.

·   Online personal training under the guidance of FIDE-certified instructors.

·   Self-paced instruction for beginners through their education portal.


Phone:+91 9880297796


3. Anand Chess Academy.

 It is undoubtedly one of the best online chess coaching academies in Banglore. And its focus on an activity-based curriculum sets apart it from other chess coaching academies. Further, you’ll have access to daily, weekly, and monthly student reports where you can see detailed information on the classes attended, the assignments finished, the exams passed, the points scored, the games won, and more.


·   Online chess classes for kids between the ages of five and fifteen

·   Private coaching

·   Group Coaching


Phone: +91 944 779 5045


4.Mind Mentorz

According to the academy, the founders’ passion for chess and their desire to nurture young minds led them to establish a chess academy in Bangalore. And, they are among the best providers of online chess training in Bangalore. In addition, they have chess academies at various locations in Bengaluru.

Their FIDE-rated mentors bring years of expertise and knowledge to the table. Therefore, these teachers are extremely knowledgeable and skilled. Accordingly, they use their skills to benefit students by helping them learn chess.Hence, it is a good option for online chess training in Banglore.


·       Online chess coaching

·       In-house coaching

·       Beginner chess classes

·       Intermediate chess classes

·       Advanced chess classes


 Phone: +91-960 68 47428 


5.ZugZwang Online Chess Academy

One of the premier chess academies in Banglore, ZugZwang Academy offers private classes for children within and outside India. Accordingly, they impart chess training through classroom lessons as well as online training. By picking Zugzwang Chess Academy, your kid will be able to sharpen his or her cognitive abilities.


·       Beginner chess coaching classes

·       Intermediate chess coaching classes

·       Advanced chess coaching classes.


Phone:+91 90598 99052



Regardless of their location or schedule, students can now more easily access excellent chess instruction from qualified instructors. Further, when it comes to choosing the best chess academy to hone chess skills. Bangalore has many chess academies, including Eight Times Eight, Bangalore Chess Academy, Anand Chess Academy, Mind Mentorz, and ZugZwang Online Chess Academy. These chess institutes offer a variety of programs, from beginner to advanced levels. They ensure that their programs meet each student’s specific needs and preferences. Hence, one of these academies will undoubtedly provide your child with expert training in chess