WHY 8X8?

Never compromise on anything, especially when it comes to acquiring knowledge. Get it from a dedicated and passionate source. 8x8 is powered by a ceaseless spirit of conquering. It is the united strength from multiple talents dedicated by determination. A unique platform to learn to play chess online.

Don’t you think that knowledge is the right investment for your child’s future?. Then, don’t you want to invest in it at the right time too?. So, 8X8 is your right decision. Learn chess online professionally.The online sessions are more productive and you feel a grand master in front guiding your brain to make the most perfect move. At Eight Times Eight, we help the Chess Players to groom as Grand Masters with a potential to play international Chess tournaments. As the best online chess academy we promise to teach you the best moves.

Chess education has always been limited to structureless offline classes where students from one particular region could mingle only with students from the same region. 8X8 has taken that barrier off and now we are providing quality chess education and tournaments to students from all over the world with the help of high end technology and softwares. Our online chess training batches consist of a mix of students from India, USA, Europe, Canada, Singapore, China, Middle East.

Your child will become globally sensible with an international perspective in Chess and in other key factors of life. There is no language or boundary barrier to chess and students enjoy the class thoroughly.

8X8 conducts frequent assessment tournaments and tests and provides progress reports to parents. This not only improves the gaming skills but also helps enhance social skills and personality.

8 Reasons to choose 8X8

  • We combine chess knowledge that the team has acquired for the last 10+ years and technology to provide quality Chess education to global students offering the best online chess coaching
  • Our trainers are players in international levels having higher FIDE ratings. We adapt ever changing global strategies to the curriculum. We differ from any other chess academy
  • Our training methods are highly advanced and at the same time simpler too. Even a 3.5 year old child can start learning with much interest and fun. It is the best chess academy for beginners
  • We have a proper structure for the whole process that helps us in creating champions. We conduct frequent internal and outside tournaments. We offer advanced online chess training
  • We are venturing into the YouTube space, merchandise and App development. You get multiple platforms to gain expertise and exposure
  • We provide free trial classes for Chess aspirants. You will get a clear picture of how we stand out, how our sessions are interesting and engaging
  • We have an international presence. Students from twelve countries around the world learn Chess from us today and you can compete with them
  • We have attractive scholarship programs for talented and deserving students. The scholarship includes full and partial fee waivers

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