Proudly presenting grandmaster
S L Narayanan as our brand ambassador.

Adding more charm to our venture, we are beyond honoured to introduce Grandmaster S L Narayanan as our brand ambassador. He is the 41st Grandmaster of India, a silver medalist in the Commonwealth Games and an Indian Team Member for the World Chess Olympiad.

He was formerly ranked 4th nationally and 73rd globally. The syllabus for Eight Times Eight workbook has been curated by him. We hope this relationship leads to the fruition of young chess prodigies and a bright future for our country.

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Your child can now become a champion in Chess from anywhere in the world! We offer interactive chess lessons online for aspiring, talented and deserving students. Our programmes will support your child’s improvement with structured activities designed by grandmasters.


Through our activities, we enhance our students’ ability to face challenges and also generate optimism. Our online chess classes include various activities that not only improve their skills to play Chess but also help them boost their overall confidence.

Master the Battle of Wits with the Best Chess Academy in India

When you travel with the right guide, each step is guided by expertise. As the best chess academy in India, we ensure insightful guidance to attain mastery over the 64 squares and beyond.

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Academic Growth

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Online Chess classes from India Icons

Problem Solving

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Time Management

Challenge the best

Start competing with the expert chess players from around the world and learn new techniques and tactics for your next big move.

Online Chess classes India Icons
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What makes us special

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Personalized attention and small batches of 4-6 students

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Global chess network

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Founders with individual experience of 15+ years

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We are here to give you the best online chess training irrespective of where you stay.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I teach my child to play Chess?

If you want your kids to learn and improve their skills in Chess, then you can enroll them in our online chess education. Eight Times Eight is one of the best platforms for your child to learn Chess with its step-by-step approach, a Grand master-designed curriculum, and International FIDE-rated trainers.

What is a good age to start learning chess ?

There is no set age to learn Chess. But the sooner you begin, the better. We generally have students from age 5+.

What are the advantages of learning chess online?

Majority of modern-day chess training happens online, and there are a lot of benefits of having online sessions like 1)Convenience and comfort of learning from your home 2)Flexibility in timing 3)Distance not an issue 4)Advanced tools and annotations that can be shown on a digital board, which is not possible on a physical board. 5) Online sessions and tournaments are also a tool for your child to socialize with students from different parts of the world and to gain great exposure.

Is taking online chess classes a better option for improving one's chess skills compared to traditional classes?

The effectiveness of online chess classes versus traditional in-person classes for improving chess skills may vary depending on individual learning preferences and access to resources. Online classes offer flexibility and a wide range of instructors, while in-person classes provide more direct interaction and hands-on guidance.